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About RhinoSource

Our Founder

RhinoSource, Inc. was founded by Dave Herrington, a veteran enterprise information technology architect and entrepreneur.  Dave created the company based on the wisdom that maximum business value is achieved when experienced professionals execute innovative business and IT strategies on rock solid technologies -- both on-premise and in the Cloud -- using modern, Agile methods, delivering high-impact solutions in very short time frames.

After earning his electrical engineering degree at the University of Illinois, Dave started his career at Oracle Corporation, where he assisted with the launch and rapid growth of Oracle's ERP and CRM business.  He went on to found DARC Corporation, which under his leadership remained unequaled in the professional services space for successful Oracle application implementations and unfaltering dedication to the Oracle user community.

In his free time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, flying his small plane and downhill skiing.  He answers to the nickname "Herry", thanks to his high school and college buddies who hacked his surname into something they could remember.

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Our Mission

To be the go-to partner for Oracle, Big Data, Mobile and Cloud Computing solutions for innovative, high growth companies, delivering maximum business value within tight budgets and time frames, using modern, Agile software development and implementation methods.

Our Core Values

•  WOW Customer Service -- Great Service is No Accident.
•  Honesty and Integrity -- Life's Too Short.
•  Experience and Track Record -- Been There, Done That.
•  Commitment and Accountability -- Get the Job Done, No Excuses.
Kindness and Likeability -- Can't We All Just Get Along?
•  Teamwork and Collaboration -- Both In-Person and Remote.
•  Creative Thinking and Innovation -- With Proven Methods and Technologies.
•  Pursuit of Perfection -- Leading to Achievement of Excellence
•  Community, Inclusiveness -- We're All In This Together.
•  Fun & Humor -- Again, Life's Too Short!
•  Recognition of Achievement -- Celebrate Even the Small Victories.
Our Mascot and Logo

The rhino was the mascot of Oracle Consulting, back in the days when ERP was in its infancy. It symbolizes determination, tough-mindedness and agility -- no challenge is too great for us rhinos!

Scott Robert Alexander wrote an inspirational book in 1980 called "Rhinoceros Success" that beautifully captures the rhino spirit.  Here is the Kindle edition of the original paperback, and here is a more recent hardcover reprint with a forward by Dave Ramsey.  This is required reading for every rhino!

The rhino in our logo is actually a tattoo called "Protezione, raggiungimento" (translation: Achieving Protection), by Italian tattoo artist GiErre, which RhinoSource has licensed for its trademark.
The DARC Brand

RhinoSource recently acquired the DARC brand and domain from DARC Corporation, which was renamed to Isix Corporation.